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Beware The Jabberwock

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​“Beware the Jabberwock my son” is a phrase that springs to mind in our climate. Over the past months I have been approached by lots (and I mean lots) of people offering help, opinion and the opportunity to “grow my business exponentially” through their knowledge, experience, network…….but there’s a catch and its big one. This is the reason for my posting this short but sharp piece.

To anyone who has started a business pre lockdown, remember what you went through to do so. The energy required to fan the spark and get things moving. The sleepless nights. The long conversations with family, friends, banks and real/genuine investors “are you nuts why would you quit a paying job to do that?” The risk that you gambled your home, your health and to be blunt your life.

Sounds dramatic right? But not really. The reason I write this is there will always be those who try to capitalise on times of weakness and uncertainty. In Napoleonic times post war they were known as the “Tooth Hunters” and today the post pandemic scavenging is not dissimilar. What I ask and advise is that you think long and hard before you give away anything related to your business (any business) take yourself back to that start of your business, remember any of the above situations  (and I am sure you will have plenty of additions!) and then ask yourself “is this persons opinion really worth that much? Are they really going to add that much value?” I am pretty sure in 99.9% of the cases the answer is no.

To add science to this and as a final thought. A rocket on average burns appx 6 tonnes of fuel per second to break the Earth’s atmosphere and enter space. Once it launches its satellite the vehicle will glide through space using no more energy than a standard Duracell AA battery. This is your business, you’ve got this now let’s drive this economy forward!