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No imminent bot take-over of the recruitment industry

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Tandem Robot

​At the moment they are being used for very initial screening in the recruitment industry.

But it’s not artificial intelligence, it’s merely a bot matching key words on CVs to those that are required in the role.

That helps a recruiter if you’ve got 200 applicants and you have to weed a few out. By using a bot, you might be able to weed out 150 so you’re left with 50.

But there is always a chance it might weed out someone decent because their address is London, and the role is in Birmingham, for example.

What the bot doesn’t know, and would have no way of finding out so may miss, is that person is in the process of moving to Birmingham, their CV is absolutely spot on, and so they are absolutely the best candidate for the position.

A bot won’t be able to identify someone who has a CV that is absolutely perfect but might not be good for the job because actually they don’t want to leave where they are.

Perhaps what they’re actually doing is just wanting to have a look around and see if they can increase their salary.

Or perhaps the salary they’re on is way too high for the role anyway. There will be bits in there that the bot just won’t pick up.

In our industry, part of our job is to qualify the candidate and see how good they are.

So, a lot of it is visual and subjective. Therefore, it’s not ready for a bot take-over.

Another example is that we all know that Bath or Bristol isn’t that far, but in reality, if you have driven along that A4 each day during rush-hour on a commute, it’s a nightmare, and people might not want to make that journey on a daily basis. There are so many bits and pieces which a bot wouldn’t find out.

Bots are bound to make a mistake like that, but I guess you could say that human error means we are likely to make a mistake from time-to-time in picking people out.

if you have a conversation with a good candidate, however, you are less likely to let them slip through the net and you can make sure you can weed out the ones that are most relevant.

I can’t see bots taking over recruitment in the near future. I don’t think the technology is quite there yet to have that AI conversation.

You might get there one day, but I can’t see it working right now.