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The Built Environment

The Built Environment

We offer end to end support in the building + design technologies marketplace. Tandem provides guidance to our clients by liaising with the design teams at conception point through to construction phase allowing them to bring new structures to life through the application of tailored and robust recruitment support. Tandem exclusively supports some of the largest names in this industryand our team have worked on some of the most significant structures and design incentives implemented over the past 2 decades.

Projects completed

  • Full RPO implementation across a global office network

  • Organisational Re-structure

  • Design Technology team build

  • Recruitment platform procurement and roll out

  • Executive Search projects at multiple levels

Specialist Areas Covered

  • Architecture

  • Marketing & Communications

  • Construction Design Management (CDM)

  • Design

  • Engineering

  • Information systems and Design Technology

  • Model Maker/Modelshop

  • Visualisation

  • Project management

  • Workplace consultancy

  • Interior Design

  • Management Group (Executive level recruitment)

  • Urban Design

  • Sustainability

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