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Kate Flowerdew by Tandem

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Kate Flowerdew, MA Business Coaching, Dip. Nutrition

Talent Development, Coaching & Wellbeing Specialist

Kate has a Masters in Business Coaching from Sydney Business School (University of Wollongong, Australia) and a Diploma in Nutrition (London). She has trained in Organisational Wellbeing and Positive Psychology in Business, and a variety of developmental techniques such as Solutions Focused and Strengths Based Coaching, Mindfulness and NLP. Each of these elements factor strongly in her style and methods as a coach, consultant and facilitator.

Kate has 21 years’ international experience in the people and talent sector initially starting out in recruitment, then specialising in learning and development, workplace coaching and wellbeing for the last 10 years. As a consultant, coach and facilitator, Kate works in true partnership with her clients to achieve optimum performance and long-term, sustainable success. This means transforming workplace cultures by equipping leaders, empowering employees, enhancing team collaboration and ultimately enhancing the people experience. Kate brings an engaging and balanced approach to achieve pragmatic and commercial outcomes by challenging and developing her clients in a constructive, supportive and motivating way.

Kate Flowerdew and Tandem Talent join forces on a mission to enhance and optimise the talent journey by partnering with their clients to:

  • Create meaningful people propositions that truly attract and retain talented people. 

  • Equip employees to flourish and thrive in a blended working environment, providing support, growth, opportunity to enhance performance of the organisation

  • Transform their cultures to avoid holding patterns and instead truly embrace and navigate the future of work (in ways that employees find empowering and uplifting) 

Our partnership has been established to address retention through the application of wellbeing and employee engagement tools underpinned with focus on the productivity, growth and bottom line of the organisation. If you would like to know more please contact us to discus further.

Impacting our clients ability to:

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