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Tandem Trailblazers


COVID-19 has officially put the UK into recession and our imminent exit for the EU provides a “perfect storm” that will deplete our future talent pools for UK business, especially the SME sector. It is crucial that our graduates receive the necessary support and guidance to help them navigate the jobs market during this challenging time furthermore, support that actually directs the individuals to arrive at an opportunity or destination.

It is still too early to be sure of the effects of the pandemic and for graduates it will be a competitive job market throughout 2020 and beyond. For UK business however, it is worth considering that competition will become even more fierce once the UK has exited the EU. The “War on Talent” will no longer simply consist of organisations battling to find the best people to grow, we all now have to consider our economy and how it competes in the EU and Global markets. Tandem Trailblazers will aim to combat this through providing the energy and a proactive approach to marrying up our candidate populations with the UK business population.

Tandem Trailblazers is a team of “doers” channelled with commercial acumen and a solid understanding of the recruitment discipline. We will partner alongside socially mobile platforms such ashttps://www.socialmobilitypledge.organd university groups  to help proactively identify real opportunities within the organisations that have signed up to offer them.

The UK’s business community have responded incredibly positively to the post COVID recovery, over 450 of the UK’s largest employers and 50 of the UK’s major universities have signed up to the Social Mobility Pledge along with other incentives to help boost the UK economy. We now need the potential of these opportunities to crystallise and start matching the 40,000 UK graduates with genuine opportunities. Tandem Trailblazers will help centralise, skill match and coach the right candidates into the right positions, what we need from UK business is to provide the opportunity and the destination.

Our Goals


Galvanise the UK Economy through engaging this displaced graduate population as they navigate a new world of working post COVID-19


Address the impending skills deficit post Brexit with an increased focus on Social Mobility


Provide a destination for the next generation not just a series of steppingstones to nowhere.


Enabling organisations of all sizes to access talented graduates

Current Trailblazers